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Enjoy the thrilling world of home theater entertainment with high-end audio and video systems installed right in your own home. From simple flat-screen TV's to the most high-tech equipment, our experienced installers will design a theater system you, your family, and friends will enjoy in the convenience of your own home.


Picture this - with the push of a single button, the lights will dim, the projector will light up, and your jaw will drop as your home theater experience begins!

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The true meaning of a "home box office"

Why go to the theater and spend $15 per person per ticket when you can equally enjoy movies of your choice without leaving home? You pick the movies, Tv shows, sporting events or any other preference and let our integrated media system fill the room with the sights and surround sounds that rival even the best theater experience.


A Universal Connection in Pompano Beach, FL works with you to customize any home theater system according to your preferences and budget. We're covering the coast from West Palm Beach down to Miami and Coral Gables. Contact us today!


Refer us to a new client and receive a FREE Apple TV media device if an installation occurs!


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