Outdoor Audio-Video In Your South Florida Home

Outdoor Audio-Video In Your South Florida Home

If you're lucky enough to live in South Florida, then you know that outdoor living is a way of life. From the balmy winters to the hot and steamy summers, there's no better place to spend time outdoors than in this tropical paradise. And what's a backyard or patio without some good music or entertainment? Imagine watching sports, concerts, and movies outdoors from an outdoor kitchen, living room, or pool. Celebrate holidays and keep kids busy outdoors. In this blog post, we'll explore the different types of audio and video options for your South Florida outdoor living space.

Outdoor Audio Options for South Florida Homes

When you're looking to create the perfect outdoor living atmosphere, then all-weather high-performance audio is a great place to start. There are several options available when it comes to outdoor audio, and each one can help you create the exact ambiance you desire. From wireless speakers and soundbars to wired systems and amplifiers, there are many choices when it comes to an outdoor audio.

Wireless speakers are a great option if you're looking for a quick setup. They're also typically smaller and more portable, making them easy to move around your living space as needed. Soundbars offer an all-in-one solution for your outdoor audio needs and can be plugged into a TV or other device.

If you're looking for a more advanced experience, wired systems are ideal, especially for larger outdoor living spaces that need higher-level sound quality. These systems may require wiring, but they offer the best sound and performance for larger areas. Amplifiers are another great option for outdoor audio, as they can boost the sound of your existing speakers or add extra power to any system.

Wired outdoor audio can also be part of a whole home audio system that controls all the audio on your property so that it creates more of a seamless transition as you walk from indoors to outdoors. This can be important when entertaining or just enjoying your home's indoor-outdoor living experience. A whole home audio system allows you to play music in different zones at the same time and be selective as to what you play in these zones.

Types of outdoor speakers

The choices that work well in South Florida outdoor living spaces include standalone speakers, inground speakers, rock speakers, in-ceiling, and in-wall speakers. Rock speakers come in a variety of sizes and shapes and look great placed around the perimeter of your outdoor living space to blend into the environment. In-ceiling/in-wall speakers provide an unobtrusive listening experience so you can enjoy your music without cluttering up your space on a patio. Large standalone speakers look like pieces of art.

Outdoor Video Options for South Florida Homes

Now that we've discussed some options for audio, let's go over what you need to know about outdoor video solutions. With the right

Outdoor Video Options for South Florida Homes

When it comes to outdoor video options, there is an array of choices available. From all-weather large screens and projectors to smaller displays and flat screens, you can find the right outdoor video setup without having to worry about the elements. Projectors are another great option for outdoor viewing and offer a cinematic experience in the comfort of your backyard.

The clarity on many outdoor screens today is amazing with built-in glare-free options, depending on if the screen will be placed in the shade or direct sunlight. Some screens have better clarity than indoor TVs. Of course, most screens are now available in 4K.

When Installing Outdoor Audio-Video

When creating and installing outdoor audio-video, you will want to consider the level of experience you are looking for. Will viewing areas only include seating set up or will you want to see your screen from inside your pool? This can determine the size and clarity level of the screen needed. Maybe you will want multiple screens. Audio for outdoors needs to be balanced properly so that it stays in your yard and is not broadcasted out to disturb neighbors.

Smart Home Automation Integration

Another consideration is having your outdoor audio video integrated with a smart home automation system so that it gives you special control of your audio-video and other tech in your home all from one system. For example, you can control your outdoor audio video in conjunction with motorized shades and lighting, so one button or voice command can trigger all of these technologies to create an audio-video experience, called "movie time" which will include turning on your audio video, dimming lights, and bringing shades down. Integration with a smart home system provides preset scenes to make life fun and convenient.

South Florida Homes Are Made For Outdoor Audio-Video

Whether you're looking for a way to entertain guests, enjoy music, sports or movies outdoors, or just create the perfect atmosphere for your South Florida outdoor living space, there are many audio and video options available. Many homes in South Florida are built to create outdoor oases with courtyards, pool areas, patios, balconies, and more.

We can create, and find the right combination of audio and video that will make your outdoor living space an area you can feel comfortable in, just as you do in your indoor spaces. You can create a gathering space to enjoy all the great sights and sounds with family and friends. We design audio-video experiences in South Florida for both homes and commercial spaces for over 20 years. We have an experienced team of professionals that offers deep product and installation knowledge, along with creativity for client focus approach to customization.

When you're ready we're here and use all the best brands in this category such as Sunbrite TVs, Samsung, Martin Logan, Sonance, and more. Contact us by chat, email, or phone. We invite you to demo some of the products in our Boca Raton showroom, near Town Center Mall on Glades Road or we can come out to your location for a free consultation.

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