A Universal Connection is a technology design-installation company that create experiences in home and commercial spaces that are simple to use, convenient, and entertaining – this was the purpose when the company was founded over 20 years ago and we’re happy to say that it still holds true today. We specialize in home theaters, smart home automation, audio, video, lighting control, motorized shading and more for indoors and outdoors, passionately curating the best of the best brands, while matching tech to lifestyles. 

Our approach is to not only build great tech systems, but to build lifelong relationships with our customers, brand partners and trade associates - this is at the foundation of how we make dreams come true. Our team works closely with home and business owners, builders, landscapers, designers and others to knowledge share early in projects, so that we can deliver on expectations from budgets to planning and décor accommodations to special requests.  We strive to stay on top of technology, so that we can be a valuable resource to all in our community, knowing what the right solutions are for projects and translating tech in simple terms.  Our team consistently participates in new certifications and manufacturer trainings. We invite you to learn more about us and experience some of our designs at our showroom in Boca Raton, Florida.

How We Work

We listen first. Ask lots of questions. And only then we give our recommendations by educating on brands and design choices. Our design-build process puts the desired results front and center. We have a conversation that is productive
taking construction, décor, network requirements, electrical and more into consideration, until we gain an understanding of the entire project.  We get familiar with all the challenges and together develop the parameters of the project. The result is a well-designed plan to follow. Then we get started on the installation.  During installation, we work hard at sticking to the plan, but we’re always ready for solutions to new challenges and changes.  After installation, we evaluate to make sure we met expectations and don’t close things out until all is well.

Our Founder

If you ask Shane Flaum about how he came to start A Universal Connection Florida over 20 years ago, he would say that he was in the right place, at the right time. That place was Circuit City, where Shane had become one of the top 10 earning salespeople for home electronics in South Florida.  His foundation for this job was laid in his teen years, where he had developed a high interest in car audio that soon spilled over into home audio and electronics.  As sales climbed for Shane at Circuit City, so did returns which was discouraging to him and other salespeople because their payment was a commission model – meaning commissions were deducted every time there was a return. After some investigation, Shane soon realized that customer education and proper installation was lacking, directly impacting returns.  Technology as always was moving fast, and people didn’t fully understand what they were buying and certainly didn’t understand how to use or install it.  At the time, Circuit City had no formal product training or installation programs, so Shane became the go-to person for his sales peers as he took on educating himself on all the major brands.  He also began installing products sold at the store part-time.  This greatly reduced returns for himself and his co-workers.  Word spread that Shane was delivering this service and the time came when the amount of work referred outpaced part-time hours – this is when Shane decided to take the opportunity that was presenting itself and started A Universal Connection.  

Founder & Owner


Operations / Senior Technician

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